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11. 03. 2015: Kremnica Castle Organ 2015

Dear Friends of the Festival,
Its honour for us that we can state that the festival:
Kremnica Castle Organ 2015 is ready.
We are happy we can present a trio of young organists of Slovakia: Budáčová – Nagy – Bulla.
Mária Budáčová is known as finalist of the competition in Montreal, Quebec; István Nagy is excellent church-organist; and Ján Bulla as registrar to foreign organists is expert in Kremnica organ and served as cover organist for several years.
From abroad will be welcomed by us Ernst Wally, organist of the famous Stephansdom in Vienna, and Robert Kovács from the Cathedral of Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria.
Italian Gabriele Marinoni, graduated from the Stuttgart Academy will appear as the winner in the competition at Vaduz, Liechtenstein; his older compatriot Enrico Viccardi holds professorship in organ.
Humberto Salvagnin will be our first guest from South America, the Federative Republic of Brazil.
As the chief organ-works will be to hear Liszt´s “Ad nos, ad saluratem undam” (Salvagnin), Widor´s “9th Symphony – Gothic” (Bulla), and Duruflé´s “Suite” (Budáčová). Mentioned works makes characteristics of each festival concert, all are arranged by the great sonata form, variations, or suits.
Further there are programmed also impressive transcriptions of “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky, “Peer Gynt” by Grieg, and several waltzes by Aram Khachaturian (Nagy).
Please feel free to contact us for more details by mail: organ@kremnickyhradnyorgan.sk
We are looking forward to meeting you within the festival concerts.

11. 06. 2014: Festival´s News 2014

Professor Josef Kšica
was the first of guests of the 2014 festival year, who was debated by us. Already at the end of previous year, we met him, of course close to his working-place – the St Vitus Cathedral at Prague. Kšica is organist, cembalist, choirmaster and composer, one of the leading personalities of music in the Czech Republic. Because the most of his activities are close to the Catholic Church, probably as general term of his marking can be used “church musician.” He accompanies liturgical services, but also plays concerts with great pieces and leads the choirs. Josef Kšica arranged for Kremnica festival programme with great attention to music of Czech provenience. Thanks to spheres of his interests he will be the most prominent guest of this-year’s festival. Artists of his kind we know especially of German, Austrian, Italian, British or American origin. Now it will be Czech, and we hope interpretations of Professor Kšica will be similarly inspiring for the visitors.
We would like to announce that Vatican organist Gianluca Libertucci will visit to Kremnica. We discussed with him for the first time in Fulda, Hessen, Germany, where he gave concert in the cathedral. Since that time we have prepared a series of his concerts. Gianluca is friend of our festival, and we are pleased that organist of his fame – the pontifical organist – respects our festival.
Libertucci served also as professor of conservatories at Catania (Sicily), and Perugia (Umbria). It can be hardly conceived that he travelled between Rome and schools Italy-wide every week. Now he also teaches at the conservatory of Venice. There he gives lessons each Monday and Tuesday. Then he serves in Vatican as instructor of young organists, consultant for priests in the fields of sacred music and organist in the church of the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Gianluca well knows the way to Kremnica. And there he knows the castle church, organ, and atmosphere of concerts. As Italian he praises pizza from one of the restaurants in the pedestrian area of an old mining town. Professor Libertucci has booked 27 July 2014 for Kremnica, and we hope you will also take opportunity to meet his art in Slovakia. 
We would like to refer about the previous organ concert of István Nagy,

who will be guest of Kremnica Castle Organ on 13 July 2014. We visited to his concert in Komárno, where his excellently recital included the 5th Symphony by Guilmant. Generally, we are looking for organists in Slovakia, especially those of churches. Number of mentioned “kind” of musicians is very low, but much lower is number of those with concert and artistic ambitions. We don’t know all of church organists in Slovakia, but we know that István Nagy from Kolárovo is the best one in Slovakia. We must regard his skills, wide repertoire and artistic feeling. Moreover, he is ready to prepare programmes with always top pieces by leading composers. All this facts are bases for re-inviting of István Nagy to our festival in Kremnica.


14. 09. 2013: Coda

The 17th European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ is over. The festival brings performances on very high international level.

The structure of the festival consists of various factors of conception, artistic standards, finances, transportation and personalities. They all are coherent, but as the most important we see the first mentioned. The festival’s concept is to present high standard of the organ art; the renowned pieces for organ; personalities from the great cathedrals and academies; talented organists of the young generation and laureates of international competitions; organists from Slovakia which can be successfully compared at the international context. As “new” category we can mention level of church organist, adopted this year.

 We can state, all categories were fulfilled. Professor Libertucci hosted to Kremnica as organist of Vatican;

Professor Rauh is organist of diocese and cantor in Ansbach / Bamberg /Bavaria.

The virtuosic organist Espen Melbø / Norway /,

emotional characterised Corrado Cavalli / links / Italy,

spirited Peter Frisée / right / Austria

and ambitious István Nagy (Slovakia)

can be mention as talented and artistic advanced young organists.

A special place belongs to Mónika Kecskés and László Deák, famous middle-aged personalities of the organ art of Budapest.

Each organist comes from different country, and the most complicated (and the most expensive) travelling is from the localities not so far from the festivals place. The factor of finances we have managed with contribution of our sponsors and donators. We thank also to the National Bank of Slovakia, Museum of Coins and Medals, Kremnica, as well as to the City of Kremnica for the excellent cooperation. The authors of the festival answer before all for the artistic quality of the whole festival.

We can state, the festival obtained numerous audience, and stable place in attention of the cultural public. We thank to visitors for interest, it is the most important response to our festival.  


Goodbye and see you at Kremnica Castle Organ 2014.

Renata Kostalova - Stanislav Kowalski - authors of the festival Kremnica Castle Organ


24. 02. 2013: Reflexion

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has on 19 April 2005 been elected to pope, the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ already prepared presentation of the organ art from The Holy City. For the first time the organist from Vatican, Gianluca Libertucci, gave concert in Kremnica in 2006. But he was not the only discussed artist from Vatican. At that time we also negotiated with the chief-organist of St Peter’s Basilica, Professor James Edward Goettsche, and with composer and former conductor of the Capella Sistina, Mons. Giuseppe Liberto.

Professor Goettsche is respected personality of Vatican, serves as musical director of divine-services in the Basilica.

Within our negotiations Professor Goettsche has referred to importance of the organ music, as was accented by Cardinal Ratzinger, at that time already Pope. Goettsche has been the only musician in connection to the secretariat of the pope. Benedict XVI had an ambition to deepen the contents of liturgical services, to entry of spirit of Latin to verbal and musical unit. But Benedict XVI resigned to his mission as Holy Father, and Professor Goettsche apparently will not visit to Kremnica, however he gave us the written commitment.  
Factual representative of the organ art in Vatican is Professor Gianluca Libertucci.
He hosted to Kremnica till now four times, and once to the private event. Libertucci is a friend of the Kremnica festival. In his biography are not many places outside Italy with similar intensity of visits and contacts. In summer 2013 he will play recital with works by J.S. Bach, C. Franck, and Mons. G. Liberto. 
We hope the following pope will accent the choral and organ components of liturgical services. The organ as extraordinary instrument has an authentic place in sacred space. The colours of sound, and musical symbols unites in both liturgical as well as interpretative, artistic processes. 

09. 01. 2013: Kremnica Castle Organ 2013 - Welcome !

Dear friends of the organ art,

Dear favourers of the festival, 

We would like to welcome you to the homepage of the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ. Thank you for favour, we wish you all the best in 2013. We will be happy if our festival will bring you artistic asset and enrich you in the field of the organ art.

The 2013 annual is nearly finalized. We can state that consistently selected personalities represent the highest artistic standards in the branch. We look forward to modern and excellent performances of the most prominent pieces for organ.

Since the end of previous annual we have visited to many of organ concerts abroad and within Slovakia, we have discussed with learned organists, and have known the great organ instruments. After all, on this basis we build every concert and every year of our festival. But we can also state the artistic values of our organ, bound also with majestic acoustic space of the Castle Church of St Catherine. We will be pleased as you will visit the forthcoming annual of the festival there, to meeting with excellent organ art and organ interpreters.

Welcome to Kremnica Organ Festival!

                                                               Renata Kostalova, M.A. - Stanislav Kowalski, M.A., authors of the festival       

12. 09. 2012: Coda 2012

The 2012 annual of the Kremnica Castle Organ is over. There have been heard seven concert-interpretations of excellent qualities, concentred on the small place within the one festival. Each concert by international organists represented own themes. Similarly as previous and following annuals, also the 16th presented the organ art on the highest level of standards. The great number of audience in the St Catherine’s Castle Church documented the public interests in the organ art. By this facts we can state, Kremnica also in 2012 was one of the important capitals of the European organ art.
Renata Kostalova, M.A. - Stanislav Kowalski, M.A. - authors of the festival
Our really perfect organists: Winfried Lichtscheidel, Manuel Tomadin, Espen Melbo, Peter Frisée

02. 08. 2012: News

Professor Thomas Nipp is an organist with respect from the authors of the festival, Kremnica Castle Organ. Not by the facts of number of his concert-tours, but because they are pleased by preciseness and artistic values of Nipp’s interpretations. 
Probably as the very characteristic of his recital can be said: Seriousness. It starts already at the concept of the programme. Nipp in each case plays works of Liechtenstein-born composer, J.G. Rheinberger. We can state, he is probably the most enthusiastic promoter and interpreter of Rheinberger’s oeuvre. This year in Kremnica Nipp devoted attention to the 9th Sonata, full of meditative and music ideas. As the next great work we have heard the 5th Symphony by F.-A. Guilmant. It contains four parts, full of contrasts and gradation, reflected in Nipp’s excellent technics of play. The break between the major works has been a little piece “Salve Regina” by Naji Hakim. As bonus has been played Toccata by Eugene Gigout, selected in cooperation with the authors of the festival.The seriousness, preciseness and mastery of programme and interpretations by Thomas Nipp are similar as the basements of the festival, Kremnica Castle Organ. All this qualities are truly welcomed, but must be searched seriously. We are satisfied, that Professor Nipp guested again within our festival.

10. 07. 2012: A perfect start of the festival – Silvia Márquez

As stated in previous posts, the festive opening concert by Professor Márquez has been awaited. It is given by facts of our knowledge on the highest standards of Spanish organists, at least of those already concerted within our festival. Silvia Márquez is an excellent artist with notable fingering, pedal-play, as well as a great fantasy of concept of registration for her performances. She exploited all colours and dynamic shades of the organ at Kremnica. Her brilliant technics of play examined the state of the instrument. Silvia Márquez has not surprised us, she really fulfilled our expectation. By this fact there is a presumption of next invitation of her, because she can tell us a lot.   

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