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13. 04. 2012: Professor Dusan Bill

Professor Dušan Bill is choir-master and Slovakia’s best interpret of chorus sacred music today. Leaded by Professor Bill, the Adoremus Choir in collaboration with organist Mr. Marek Vrábel and Mr. Stanislav Kowalski, M.A. prepares a concert within the festival, Kremnica Castle Organ. The chief-points of the programme will be the works by Ján Levoslav Bella (1843––1936). J. L. Bella lived in Kremnica from 1869 to 1881 and served there as town music director. So the works of Slovak master will be performed in authentic spaces connected with his life.


                   Prof. Dusan Bill realised lots of concert trips to many European countries, U.S.A. and Australia.

26. 02. 2012: Espen Melbø

Young and ambitious artist from Norway, Espen Melbø prepares for our festival his interpretations of great opuses, the Sonata No. 17 by J.G. Rheinberger, and the Symphonic Fantasy and Fugue for Organ, Op 57, by Max Reger. Moreover he will play also the “Vorspiel” to “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” by R. Wagner, excellently transcribed by Edwin Lemare. His majestic and valuable programme will be surely a pearl of the festival.

We had a meeting with artist in Leipzig, Saxony, where –– following to studies in Oslo with Professor Boysen –– he continues his studies with Professor Stefan Engels at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater “Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy”. Except the dramaturgy of Espen’s recital we have discussed further details of his trip to Kremnica, Slovakia. From Leipzig he will travel via Vienna, on retour he will stay in Zurich, Switzerland. Our young artist is really globetrotter without time for his summer visit to native-place Lillehammer. 

10. 02. 2012: Welcome to the European Organ Festival Kremnica Castle Organ 2012 !

Dear Friends of the organ art,
Dear visitors to the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ,

Welcome to the homepage of the festival’s 16th annual. Here will be presented information, news, photos, programmes and facts on the actual year of the festival.

The festival will take place on dates as indicated in the section “Programme.” The concerts will take place as usual, always on Sunday at 6 p.m. Programmes of concerts by Silvia Marquez, Peter Frisée, Thomas Nipp and Manuel Tomadin are already completed, the rest will be actualised. The all are characterised by tending to great compositions, to pieces for the great organ. Therefore the symphonic feature of concerts is the chief mark of the festival, enriched by virtuous playing of guest-organists.   


Prof. Silvia Marquez will play festive opening concert

The dramaturgy of the festival is based on the modern presentations of notable organ works. The guests are renowned organists of today. This features rank our festival among the extraordinary within Slovakia. However before years there has been presented Requiem by W.A. Mozart, or movie music by Petr Hapka and Karel Svoboda transcribed for organ, the most of concerts have been soloist with accent to virtuoso expression of individual organists.      

Forthcoming annual will bring also a little bit different programme. The choir “Adoremus” leaded by Dušan Bill and organist Marek Vrábel will present programme “Spirituality of the Organ Art” where bind both the human voice and the organ. St Catherine’s Church with excellent organ creates authentic space for the spirit ideas with mottoHommage à parents.”  

There will be published news on the 2012 Kremnica Castle Organ before its start, and also in course of the festival.

We also welcome your ideas, questions and remarks, best per e-mail organ@kremnickyhradnyorgan.sk.

We are looking forward to meeting with you at the City Castle of Kremnica, in the St Catherine’s Church.   


Renata Košťálová M.A. - Stanislav Kowalski M.A.

authors of the festival

17. 09. 2011: Coda

City Castle Kremnica
The 15th “Jubilee” European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ 2011 is over.
We received excellent artistic experiences by the art of the organists from six European countries and the United States. To the audience was devoted a spectrum of interpretations, demanding virtuoso performances, and also of unusual affair of trip of American organist for the only concert to Europe, just in Kremnica.
Prof. Kent Tritle - New York / Kremnica Castle Organ 2011 /
We can state, the festival is accepted by the leading personalities of contemporary organ art worldwide. But the authors of the festival have not preferred any of solo artists. We thank to all visitors include the Ambassadors and other representatives of diplomatic corps for their favour to the festival.
The festival represents the aims of the authors, to present organists of the great cathedrals, professors of universities and winners of wide-accepted international competitions. The festival is not projected on the base of “reciprocal dealings” between groups of persons, but on the artistic values of the authors. Many of hosting artists discerned and evaluated the principles of the festival. Maintained the principles, the festival grew from the regional (national) event to the project with European focus and international importance.

In the near future –– on October 22 –– the Europe will celebrate the Bicentennial of the birth of Franz Liszt (1811, Doborján/Raiding––1886, Bayreuth).

The authors of Kremnica Organ Festival have not accented this anniversary, because the works of Liszt are regularly in the programme of our festival. In Kremnica can be hear “parallel interpretations” of the same works within the only festival’s annual –– not common in concert dramaturgies ––, each time by international organists. As the basic requests for interpretation of Liszt’s organ works are needed excellent virtuoso disposition, artistic talent and sense for architecture of the opus –– the organists with similar characteristics are guests to our festival. There can Franz Liszt’s music be heard by various European nationalities, especially by Germans, Hungarians, or Italians. In 2011 Liszt’s works has been presented at four concerts of the whole seven; his Orpheus, Consolation, Funérailles, Prelude and Fugue on the Theme BACH, or Variations on “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” sounded in total time over one recital. Finally, presentation has been the greatest within the organ events in Slovakia.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The authors of the festival thank to staff of the Cultural Centre, City of Kremnica for the signs leading to the festival place, to management of the pension with excellent accommodation, and last but not least to staff of the Coins and Medals Museum for disposed helping with the realization of each concert of the festival.
Naturally, positive experiences are sometimes changing with problems, although we believe in good solution of the tasks. As the first, there is missing any sign “Kremnica” on the new highway R1, in contrast with the previous state of traffic infrastructure. According with European rules and the importance of Kremnica in the tourism, the regular sign is needed.
There also will be welcomed finishing of reconstruction works on the local roads and the main square in Kremnica. We hope the pearl of Slovakia’s mining towns will wait next-year guests in better condition. 

We hope the 15th annual of the festival fulfilled the expectations of the visitors. The authors of the festival thank for beautiful atmosphere of the festival. That was reached by valuable performances, the demanding dramaturgy, and by the attention of the audience – i.e. by the attributes of significant international festivals of the organ art.

 Renata Košťálová M.A. – Stanislav Kowalski, M.A. 

                                                  Authors of the Festival 

25. 08. 2011: Professor Kent Tritle - master in the organ performance

We report on the final concert of the 15th European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ with a little delay. The deep artistic and emotive experience could manipulate our information on the concert. Kent’s performance resounds and it’s hard to assort a number of impressions.
Professor Tritle holds three important posts: He is organist of the New York Philharmonic, professor at The Juilliard School, and will be from September 1 the Director of Music and Choirmaster of diocese cathedral of New York. Each prominent office needs an excellent organist, choirmaster, manager and leader, and above all a large-minded artist. And this artist accepted our invitation to the final concert of this-year’s festival.

Already the programme of Kent Tritle’s concert was interesting. The first half was devoted to American compositions full of feelings, contrasts of colours and motives. Pieces were introduced for the first time in Slovakia, enriched our knowledge on the American organ and revived stereotypes of European dramaturgies.

Gradation of the concert followed in the second part by the 94th Psalm in C minor, by Julius Reubke, one of the most important organ-works of the 19th century. There was possibility to meeting with Tritle’s playing technics, temperament and phantasy. The audience felt his master-performance.

When after the last accords he stood before the visitors, he can see them as perceptive and refreshed. Great applause to Kent Tritle as well as two additions was the impressive and magnificent form of the final concert, thanking to artist, and of the whole 2011 festival.

20. 08. 2011: Prof. Tritle has arrived to Slovakia

Professor Kent Tritle, one of the most prominent personalities of the organ and choir music in the United States today, has arrived to Bratislava on Friday at 1.30 p.m. He travelled by plane from New York via Brussels to Vienna, Austria. To the festival place he continued as usual, by bus service on the lines Vienna – Bratislava, and Bratislava – Žiar nad Hronom. Then he used also a taxi.


As important we see the fact that Professor Tritle has arrived to Europe because the only one concert, to finish the 15th annual of the Kremnica Organ Festival.

On Sunday there visit the representatives of diplomatic corps in Bratislava, as well as audience from all around Slovakia and abroad. The authors of the festival are honoured that the artist of such importance will present his art to visitors of the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ.  

17. 08. 2011: Kent Tritle

Kent Tritle is best known as organist and choirmaster, Professor of The Juilliard School, organist of the New York Philharmonic.


From September 1, 2011 will enter into office of Director of Cathedral Music and Organist at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, New York.



The highly acclaimed artist will arrive to the Slovak Republic to complete the “Jubilee” 15th European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ. Already at our first meeting in Dresden, Saxony, Mr Tritle assured his part within the Kremnica festival. Through his extraordinary extensity of employments, as well as the leaving of the post of Director of Music at St Ignatius Loyola Church, New York City after 22 years, he confirmed in a short time date and programme of forthcoming concert.

Professor Tritle will arrive on Thursday afternoon from Brussels to contact with the organ of St Catherine’s, the Castle and the City of Kremnica. Welcome, Dear Professor Tritle

16. 08. 2011: Raul Prieto Ramirez - modern and pragmatic artist

The Spanish organist Raul Prieto Ramirez has enjoyed an advantage of the internet. His interpretations are published at YouTube.com, where attracted thousands of viewers.   
Moments before concert and after concert

The great number of audience visited also to his concert in Kremnica. Prieto Ramirez is modern and pragmatic artist with priorities in own sovereignty, playing by heart, and promotion. The importance of each knows only Prieto himself. He differs from other personalities: He holds not a position of church organist, or professorship at leading university. He is concert artist and private teacher of the organ. The audience in Kremnica has a chance to compare the interpretations of Peter Frisée (Vienna), Fabrizio Marchionni (Italy), or Professor Boysen (Oslo), and to make own opinion on the play of each of them. Thanks the Kremnica festival’s great conveniences – the organ with an excellent sound, extraordinary acoustic of the St Catherine’s, and the organizer’s demands for really virtuous programme – is the each organist showed in the clear, true mirror.

Really full Church of St Catherine convinced also Prieto Ramirez that the bases of the festival’s dramaturgy are not a “reciprocal dealings” between groups of persons, but only the analyses of the authors of the festival. The organ art has a various forms, and is correct that the art of Prieto Ramirez got a place for presentation.

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