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11. 08. 2011: Raul Prieto Ramirez

The Spanish organist Raul Prieto Ramirez belongs to the most asked organ artists of today. He regularly concerts in Spain, Russia, the United States, all over Europe. He devotes attention to the new mass-medias, published hrecordings on the YouTube.com reaches extraordinary number of views. As organist he performs commonly by heart, without book. His schedule is fully booked for a long time, so we are glad that we can welcome him also in Kremnica. Raul Prieto Ramirez is known especially for the younger and middle generations of organ-lovers internationally, and some of them already announced participation among the audience of forthcoming concert on Sunday.



Mr. Prieto after arriving to Bratislava


Raul Prieto Ramirez will arrive on Friday morning from Barcelona to Vienna; then he will travel by bus and taxi via Bratislava and Žiar nad Hronom. So, before the noon he will arrive to Kremnica, and at the evening he will start to prepare the definite sounds of his performances.

10. 08. 2011: Important news

Extraordinary personalities of contemporary organ art Raul Prieto Ramirez (Barcelona) and Kent Tritle (New York) definitely confirmed participation within the festival.

09. 08. 2011: News

“Good morning,
Yesterday I have visited the concert of Mr. László Deák.
Beautifully, fine, memorable. Thank you, I am really pleased.
Yours sincerely
Dana P.” (e-mail)
Thanks to no effective interregional public transport service (rail or bus) to and from Kremnica at the evenings of all days, the festival’s long-years visitor [pensioner] from Martin has travelled by taxi.

09. 08. 2011: Professor Deák – a beautiful artistic experience

Readers of this homepage, and also the audience of the festival’s concerts know what means terms as “creative artistic atmosphere,” “listener’s tranquillity,” “organ-player’s virtuosity,” or “intensity of interpretation.” Because the base is an irredeemable personal experience of meeting with the organ art, are hard to explain for infrequent visitors. Regular Kremnica festival-goers know the creative artistic atmosphere by number of concerts. In general, the all of our festival’s concerts may be characterised as highly artistic standard, well comparable with that of the leading centres of the organ art in Germany, France, or Great Britain. The only differences are given by personable inserts of artistic feeling, notions, and by virtuosity of concrete organist.
Similarly with the all previous concerts, Professor László Deák led us into the world of the excellent organ art.  For Deák are partners the composer and his work. He respect composer’s notion and serves them as mediator. On the other hand, a “servant” to Deák is the organ-instrument; he fully controls its dynamics, stop-lists as well as acoustic responses. That is why his organ-playing sounds sovereign, clearly and instantly. Professor Deák led us through his world of the organ art circa 90 minutes. And that time run so fast! The audiences would not go away. The experiences from the grandiose 6th Symphony by Widor, the profoundness Funerailles by Franz Liszt or by exacting transcription of Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre has been very imposing for fast way backwards to reality. The audiences gave no applause between the parts of the cyclic pieces, and at the end requested two effect bonuses.
Professor Deák and the stop-list assistant, Jozef Galla

05. 08. 2011: Professor László Deák

Organist László Deák is artist known by his qualities, seriousness and masterful. From his phenomenal winning within 1994 Chartres International Organ Competition he ranks among the most prominent organists worldwide. It is honour for our festival that Professor Deák will host us and contribute to current Jubilee-annual. Moreover, when are already booked his terms for 2013.

László Deák has already concerted within the Kremnica organ festival, so he knows castle’s organ. He arrives to well-known space but in the front of demanding audience, so his programme must be excellent. He will come on Saturday morning by car, and from 10 a.m. he will start to prepare the final form of his interpretations. On Sunday will be to h ear great pieces by Charles-Marie Widor and Franz Liszt, as well as very impressive transcription of Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre.  
Let we know, László Deák besides his concerts, music activities for the Church and as head of the organ studies at Budapest Conservatory, engages himself in horseback-riding.
He devotes regular time for this nice sport, and brings to it also his son Bálint.


03. 08. 2011: Marchionni – successor of Professor Finotti?

On last day of July has played Fabrizio Marchionni. Already on first hearing it was different performance such that by Central-European organists. Similar was the perfection of virtuosity, but the feeling of colours and registers was variant. Surprizing changes of colours, connected with temperament rhythmic exhibition needed concentrated cooperation with the stop-assistant. For the numbers of audience has Marchionni’s concert been very innovative, for some the best one even.

Perhaps the most important knowledge is by the artistic confrontation of various organ interpretations. That’s of German, Sardinian, Italian, or Hungarian sights are markedly different by various priorities, feelings, the personal contributions. As Fabrizio Marchionni showed in his artistic creativeness, he is successor of that of his teacher, Francesco Finotti. Marchionni is skilful composer and excellent organist. His “Three Sardinian Folk Dances” are marvellous, excellently transferred for the organ, in many of bag-pipes’ motives evocates also folklore music of Slovakia.

We hope Professor Marchionni has been satisfied from his concert in Kremnica. The audience has accepted him with deep passion!

29. 07. 2011: Organist from Sardinia – Fabrizio Marchionni

Fabrizio Marchionni, our next guest comes from a little bit “exotic” milieu of Cagliari, a capital of Mediterranean island Sardinia, Italy. But of more importance is an excellent fame as a virtuous organist, bond with him. Outstanding Italian organist Francesco Finotti has acclaimed Marchionni as a great talent of Italian organ art. Professor Finotti has already concerted within the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ of 2005, so his words validate as authoritative.   
Foto: after arriving from Vienna to Bratislava
Prof. Fabrizio Marchionni and his wife will come to Slovakia on Friday. From the direct air-line Cagliari––Vienna they will continue by bus to Bratislava and Kremnica. The audience there can wait his interpretations of Liszt’s B-A-C-H and of great pieces by César Franck.

26. 07. 2011: Our collaborators (2)

Since its beginning, the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ has presented all concerts by complete programme-bulletin. There are many events only with formally cyclostyled paper with basic information. Ours is highly representative, and many organists take it not only for memory, but also as theirs propagation.
For the years is our bulletin designed by Ing. Ján Bilik. In phase of proof-reading he patiently corrects all errors in names of many of foreign composers and organists, and prepares images and texts for print. Mr Bilik is specialist for print, computer and promote technologies. He founded and leads studio Creative line, Bratislava, Slovak Republic. After years of relation with the festival only by computer, Ján Bilik and his wife has visited to concert within the Kremnica festival, to feel its atmosphere and the acoustic of the church. As right technician, after the concert he visited chorus of the castle’s church, where he interested him in details of the organ, the pipes, electromotor and whole disposition of the instrument.       

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