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26. 07. 2011: Thomas Nipp – expert on Rheinberger

Thomas Nipp has given the concert with excellent and detailed interpretations. He played masterworks of Liszt and Franck; his recital of Sonate by Liechtenstein-born Rheinberger has been the first within Slovakia. As composer specialised in organ is commonly seen as the one of chief authors of the organ music. Thomas Nipp played Sonate Nr 12, op. 154, Rheinberger's greatest opus for organ, as the really highlight of whole concert. Mrs Corinne Nipp has assisted him with the registration on the Kremnica organ.

On Monday after the successful concert the couple have visited Bratislava to recognize historic sights of Slovakia’s capital. On Tuesday they took bus to Vienna-Schwechat, and further travelled by plane to Zurich, by train to Sargans, both Switzerland, and finally by car to Balzers.

19. 07. 2011: Our collaborators (1)

Every artistic project, including the European Organ Festival, Kremnica Castle Organ, is prepared by a team of specialists in concrete branches. One of them is Jaroslav Ševčík, a specialist in the IT and internet webhosting.
Thanks to him you can surf the festival's  homepage. Besides IT, Mr Ševčík is fancier of little monkeys. In talk with him one can know a number of curiosities, not available for conventional visitors of ZOOs or circuses. So, in the field of the chief instrument, the organ, we have a collaborator, who devotes himself to not ordinary hobby.

19. 07. 2011: Thomas Nipp

Thomas Nipp from the Principality of Liechtenstein is organist of the chief church of his homeland in Balzers. He guests us for the second time: We accept him as one of the surprises in the 15-years-long tradition of the Kremnica festival. Last year’s impressive interpretations of mostly German organ works will be changed by César Franck’ s Grande piece symphonique, and magnificent symphonic poem Orpheus by Franz Liszt. Mr Nipp will arrive with his wife, who serves as stop-assistant. They will travel by car and train from Balzers to Zurich, Switzerland; from there by plane to Vienna–Schwechat, and further by bus to Kremnica with change in Bratislava.
Prof. Nipp with wife after arriving from Vienna airport to Bratislava.  

19. 07. 2011: Peter Frisée masterful

Long-time tradition of the organ art at Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna is the one of the facts, why we have invited a next of the graduates.
Peter Frisée, born in Graz, Styria, is organist of the younger generation, who excellently represents his Alma mater.

foto: A few minutes before the concert

Interpreted the exacting organ masterpieces with high artistic level, Frisée has presented as sovereign performer. Temperament and preciseness of his organ play leaded to heartfelt acceptance among the festival’s audience. No doubt that he ranks to the most acclaimed guests of the festival concerts in Kremnica.

14. 07. 2011: Viennese organists in Kremnica

The former Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna, later acredited as the University, has always been an incubator for talents in the organ art. By this fact a wide spectrum of professors as well as students regularly hosted to the Kremnica organ festival. One of graduates from the Vienna Music Univeristy, who based in Austrian capital, is Peter Frisée.

He will play great organ pieces, so he travel to Kremnica with collegue, who give him a stop-assistance. They arrive by car on Friday afternoon, so till evening of the same day they could rehearse with the Kremnica Castleʼs organ.

12. 07. 2011: Professor Boysen, excellent !

Perfect, or excellent. Only with this words can be characterized the opening concert by Bjorn Boysen, profesor from  Oslo, Norway. Bach’s Baroque pieces, Widor’s magnificent Symphonie romane, or contemporary arragements of Norish folk motives has been interpreted with high level of artistic standard and mastery. Satisfaction has been expressed by the audience, as well as by Her Excellency Trine Skymoen, Ambassador of Norway to Slovakia (on the right).
Professor Boysen has discussed his artistic programme, i.e. he already concerted at the Bratislava Castle in the 1980s; or he will travel to Russia, where he will perform in Sochi within the pre-Olymics activities. He gave honourable mentions on the Kremnica organ, as worthy instrument for the artists. Professor Boysen as one of the leaders of the European organ art set standards of this-year festival on the high grade.


09. 07. 2011: The festival starts in a few hours

The festival starts in a few hours.
Professor Boysen has already arrived to Kremnica, and now he prepares stop-registers of the organ at St Catherines. The posters in the city promote summer organ concerts by the international organists.
The festival is interested by the representatives of diplomatic bodies in Bratislava and all friends of the excellent organ art. The programme-bulletin with details of the concerts is printed, and has been send also to Brazil.
So be welcomed to Kremnica Castle Organ, dear friends !

21. 06. 2011: Organ at St Catherine’s cleaned

The instrument St Catherine’s at Kremnica has completely been cleaned several days ago. The proceeding has done the professionals from the Rieger-Kloss at Krnov, Czech Republic. There has been detached all pipes, and similarly as air-pipes, has been cleaned and treated. Now the organ will be intonated. The repair-works guarantees that influences of surroundings will not be knowable. So the festival’s concerts will be performed on the fresh renowned organ Rieger-Kloss. 

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