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11. 06. 2011: Prof. Boysen

Professor Bjorn Boysen is a leading personality of the organ art in Norway. As respected concert artist all over Europe, he is welcomed to juries of prestigious organ competitions. He ranks among personalities such as Hans Fagius, Peter Planyavsky of Wolfgang Schnorr, i.e. the artists who create an image of interpretation with organ today. Professor Boysen arrives  Slovakia on Friday, 8th July. His journey will have several sections: Some days before he arrives to Berlin–Schönefeld airport, and will continue by car to Freiburg/Breisgau. Then he will travel directly to Kremnica. After the concert he will return to Berlin and by plane to Oslo.

All guest-organists have the Kremnica Castle’s organ at disposal already two days before the concert-day. It is needed to learn this instrument and prepare the concept of registration. The stop-list is given forward, before the concert are arranged “only” the sounds and harmony of stop-combinations.  




04. 04. 2011: Welcome !

Dear Friends of the Organ Art !

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